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Internet marketing campaign duplicate content?

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I am working on promoting my website (brand marketing) by posting the same content (adverting) on all website I mean I don't change a work juts same text on all my ads!

I am mostly post on forums that have marketplace and social media sites.

Question is this something that is bad for seo? Will I get better results from posting original and unique content every time?
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Duplicate content is terrible!

The majority of well standing forums and websites that allow free adverting and classified ads won't allow such content to be posted as that will hurt their SEO.

In the other hand if you Google start finding your backlinks in in the same content all over the internet you could get penalized for WEB-SPAM!

From customer prospective seeing the same text on multiple sites will raise a suspicion as that is the indication if SPAM and lack of effort from the webmaster/person behind that offer!

If you have no idea how to write content then at least spin the content to make a unique!
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You should create a new, original and quality contents that can help you with your campaign. Duplicate content is a no no.
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This strategy won't help you with any rankings, but it will give you traffic to your website, so it could pay off for you if you do it enough.
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Create your own content with your own keywords. Duplicate content is harmful for users, search engines, and website too.
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If you will put or use any duplicate content for the internet marketing campaign then I sure your website will be in trouble, because duplicate content is very harmful for your website, using duplicate content is beyond the protocols of Google.
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Duplicate content is very bad from SEO point of view and very harmful for the future of your website.
If you want a good ranking for your website then it is very essential to avoid duplicate content and just use fresh and unique content.

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