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Is Domain Name Important in SEO?

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Many seo experts say that the domain name has to be relevant to your niche in other words has to contain keywords you are targeting or trying to rank high for but is it really try? Now that all great domain names are already takes it's impossible to come up with a short domain names that will contain my niche keywords. The domain name has to be very long and very hard to remember! So is domain name important in seo or not? In internet marketing domain has to be short, original and easy to remember but I am not sure if it's cool with search engine optimization!
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Yes domain is also play a key role for SEO, you can check it by type something on Google some website comes on first page with domain keyword, they choose keywords in the domain.

Most of the website comes on top with proper Titles, Compared to Domains and Titles, title are the main for SEO.
I think it will help for SEO, but everyone wont get the domain name with keywords, I can say Titles, keywords and Meta Description will play keyrole for SEO.
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It used to be very important for rankings, however Google has reduced its importance because they want to encourage other factors like branding and high quality content more than domain name
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If you have a Exact match domain for your keyword then it will be helpful, but they are losing relevance with every google update since more wait is given to the content.

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