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Is Google abusing its dominant power in web search?

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The European Union accused Google of abusing its dominant power in web search in violation of antitrust laws. Apparently promoting its own shopping services to divert traffic from other rival shopping services in other to have hinder ability to compete on the digital market market?

Do you think it's true? I had noticed a long ago that Google products and services pretty much always rank on top of the search results page SERP Smile
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Well Google products are very popular so if someone is searching for PPC (pay per click) lets say they are most likely end up getting Google Adwords on top of the page cause it's one one that most of the internet marketers doing search engine marketing use.

In the other hand I would not be surprised that when it comes to online shopping Google has an edge over its competitors simply cause you can see the link to their online marketplace right on top if the screen Wink
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Yeah amazing

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