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Is Mobile SEO different from desktop SEO?

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Today Internet users use mobile search more than the search on desktops and laptops. This is not surprising since the number of mobile Internet users is constantly increasing and will continue to increase due to the popularity of gadgets, tablets and the ease of access to the Internet at any time and from anywhere.
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On the one hand, yes, oncology is a branch of medicine for cancer, just as mobile SEO is a niche within SEO that deals with SEO for mobile search. But there are nuances and differences in optimizing mobile sites that don't apply to desktop sites, and some that apply more to mobile sites than they do to desktop sites.
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You might think that all those techniques you use for traditional or desktop SEO will work for mobile SEO, but that is not the case. These are two different and separate entities, and they must be treated as such. Yes, mobile SEO is still SEO, but it is very specialized

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