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Is content and text vital for SEO?

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Is content and text vital for seo.
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It's like asking "if the oxygen is vital to life" Smile

The website can do just fine without content but how do you expect Google to generate search queries if there is no content!

The website content is what Google uses to associate that article or whatever with a search term or keyword! The content itself needs to be optimized to contain as much keywords as possible to have it ranking for as many of them as possible!

Meta tag title and description are worthless if they are not relevant to the content of the page!
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Content is the one which gives you the organic visits. Of course it does a lot many other things in search engine optimization campaigns.

But content is not so important in all the website niches..For Ex: Take the Keyword "Funny Images"
We don't want more and more content to rank a website for the key term funny images...Even Google don't expects more than the funny representation of images.

When I ask the same: Is content important? One in that forum sure will reply "Google is a website with no content ranks 1st position always". For them my advice is, DO NOT COMPARE OURS WITH BRAND... Google sees the branded websites in different eyes. It might have crush on them. Of course Google itself ban some branded but not many...

To stay alive in the market - Just focus on the content!
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Yes, they are distinguishing factors in helping increase the value or visibility of your website in the most effective way.
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Content plays a major role in SEO, without content how would explain google, what your site is about? Always make sure you have a unique content in the website.
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Yes, Fresh and unique content play an important role of seo. It Help to increase rank of keywords and increase traffic also.
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I think content is heart of seo without good and 100% unique content ranking not possible.
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Yes they are vital organs & one could not imagine better ranking without these components. More you put efforts upon these, better will be site's performance.
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In SEO process content play a vital role. Unique and fresh content is necessary as it help in increasing website traffic and rank.
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Of course. It's always important for a website and seo work.

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