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Is dmoz listing still important in SEO 2014?

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Guys there is no doubt that dmoz listing is the holy grail of internet marketing as it improves seo a lot one you get listed on dmoz of-course Smile Anyways is it still that important or not?
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Dmoz listing was and still remains one of the best ways to improve rankings. However dmoz lacks editors so that's why it takes such a long time for the suggested web site to get processed.
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You can easily drive more traffic for your website though dmoz listing. So it is good place for business listing.
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Definitely, even in 2019, having a DMOZ or Curlie listing is great for SEO
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There used to be unique signals in the Google algorithm for .edu websites, and even dmoz, but nowadays those are link sources like any others. .edu links can still be good because universities tend to already have many links other trustworthy sources.

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