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Is it Possible to get Page Rank without any Backlinks ?

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antony Offline referral

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I am wondering is it's possible to get or increase pagerank without or just a few backlinks?
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Nope, it's not possible to receive Page Rank if you don't have back links this is because Google page-ranks algorithm is based on back links!
daikaads Offline referral

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Page Rank is dead. You can focus on increasing the Domain Authority and Page Authority which is introduced by Moz.
NadiaQuadri1 Offline referral

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No. Impossible, Back-links are the main key to get good page-ranking.
Rakesh-Kadu Offline referral

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No without back-links you can not expect to have good PR. Quality back-links from good reputed sites always helps to build your PR.
iammanisha Offline referral

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no, without backlinks you cannot get good rank in search engines.
Nekurokaze Offline referral

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I'm not sure where you've heard that from but currently I'm sure we still need backlinks for page ranks. It just people gradually change the way they build backlinks.
samba1233 Offline referral

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Actually no, you can get or improve page rank by building high quality links to your blog.

Unfortunately, Page rank is now officially dead. So even though you build thousands of links, You cannot improve page rank
amitprashadjha Offline referral

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Yeah, It will be impossible to rank without Backlink or Link building.
aucklandseopro Offline referral

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No, it is not possible to rank without backlinks, cause google define your website niche market with backlinks without them it won't get defined. So its important to create your niche market related links.

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