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Is it easy to make money online?

make money online
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If you are reading this then it means you are searching for ways to make money or have experience making money either way I am starting this topic to allow everyone with a bit of internet marketing experience to tell others if it was easy for them to start making money online and how long it took to see real money in the bank account?
Many seem to fall for the promise of easy and fast money but I would like experts to tell beginners if it's true or not!
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It's not easy to make money in the internet you need to spend years on SEO and if you lucky only then I guess you will start making cash!
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Whoever is promising easy money is trying to make money on folks like you! Think about it if someone is promising that you will make thousands of dollars every single month in return for a small fee then why is that someone giving away all that money just for a few bucks!

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