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Is it free to sign-up for Google Adwords and use keyword research tool?

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Google Adwords is used by online marketers that wish to advertise right which means they pay money! Now it has "keywords research tool" that I would like to use but you have to create an account if it free to simply sign-up?
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You can create an account and use all those marketing tools for free!
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Yes, Google Adwords is free for every individual. It just needs to sign up and the whole thing can be used easily. Its a best keyword searching tool that can give you the popular keywords related to the niche of your business instantly. You have to be specific which keyword you will focus on in order to increase the serach result of your website only.
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yes keyword tools are free
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Yes it is free you can use it.
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Yes, you can use it for free
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yes it it free to use Adword and keyword planner, but recently they have modified the keyword planner.
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Yes it is free and you can use it.....

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