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Is it possible and how to target countries cities and towns with Google Adwords?

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Is it possible to target specific city or a town not only the country with Adwords targeted ads?
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With Adwords AdWords Contextual Targeting Tool you have the ability to target people that are searching for products relevant to your ads.

With Google AdWords Location Targeting Tool you can target a whole country and if you wish specific locations in that country.
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Yes, Google Adwords tool Targeted for the countries cities and towns and specific locations in any country.
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You just have to search for keywords that are related with the niche of your business, rest of all you have to do SEO for it. You can easily rank your website in different countries without putting much effort on it.
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Yes. Definitely. Adwords has option to allow your ads to appear on certain geographic locations. And that part is actually often taken for granted. No matter how good your ads are, if those don't get to the right places, your campaign might only end futile.

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