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Is it possible to rank high with shared hosting?

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It appears that the main disadvantage of the shared hosting is that all websites share the same IP address Matt Cutts said it not that important for seo but I would like to know if it is even possible for the website to rank like on the first page of Google being on the shared hosting?
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Hosting doesn't matter man all it matters is content, backlinks, speed and a bit IP address. So the answer is YES.
ivan Offline referral

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Yeah but it's has been already 2 years and still my website is not ranking on the first page must be cause of the shared hosting?
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yes it is possible enough to rank,it is easy just make the page speed of your website higher.
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May be your shared hosting is slow? I am 100% sure that Google did not hate shared hosting unless the Hosting IP delivers SPAM/Hosting server is slow.

What will happen when we change the hosting? - 70% of the websites will face drops in the traffic for some weeks when you change the hosting! It will recover to the original state within 1-4 weeks.

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