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Is it safe to keep my money in the bank or at home?

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Keeping your savings or money in the bank is a bit risky as if something happens to the bank your savings will be lost so what do you think about keeping the money hidden somewhere in your home?
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What do you have millions of dollars? Smile Put the money in the bank split the amount into small amounts just to be safe in case something happens you won't loose all of it.

The main purpose of keeping money in the bank is to generate interest. Saving money at home is very risky as it could get robbed, get burred and you make no extra money from your cash.
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Better to invest your money instead. How about life insurance. It can also be a practical way. Both ways have their pros and cons. Make sure to choose the best way.
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For securing money from various threats, splits money and keep it in more than one bank account.
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Bank is safe. You also earn interest on your savings.
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Yes bank is safer.=)
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Bank is sage criteria which is safe your money.
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Bank is a bit more safer than saving money under mattress Smile

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