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Is it still possible to make money with AdSense 2014 - 2015?

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These days internet is more popular than ever and everyone is applying for AdSense account like crazy which for means that the are just too many people making money with AdSense this year 2014 and god knows how many will next 2015. With so many folks out there online using AdSense is it still possible to make some money or should we start locking for alternative ways to earn cash?
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Still, always. Adsense will never go away as this is how Google makes its income Smile
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Now more than even since Adsense has more publishers which equals more competition and higher CPC.
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If have a website that complies with Adsense content policy and it gets a ton of traffic then you will make a killing trust me. Advertisers will pay extra money just to advertize on your site.
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it all boils down to competition for keyword. if you related to rich competitive keywords, one adsense click can earn you over 2 dollar per click.
proper research can alway benefit your adsense earning.
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We live in the era where pretty much every offline business is present online too which drives the competition up and this will get even worse so you should start as soon as possible.

For beginners trying to make money online I would recommend starting they own website get it optimized and ranked high on Google and then use either PPC, Affiliate Program or sell website space for advertising.

During the time you spend on SEO you will gain experience and will have better knowledge about how the online/internet marketing works.

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