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Is it still possible to make money with Google Blogger free blog?

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To make money in the internet or online you have to have either a blog or a web-site right? Well I am not sure that you can earn the same amount of money using free Blogger blog than creating and running your own website paying for hosting and everything?

Is this really true?
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Blogger is a perfect solution for those who wishes to make money online for free! You can monetize it with Adsense, use it for adverting or to sell your own products and services. You can even link your own domain name to it if you don't wanna use stock default blogspot.com domain!

Just make sure you read first policy, terms and conditions.
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You can also have other options like wordpress as an effective blog platform.
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You can make money with anything you can drive traffic to. It doesn't matter if it's a free blog or not. Blogger itself is owned by Google, so if you are writing good longtail keyword articles, you can quickly get indexed in Google even if you only have a few backlinks going to your blog.

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