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Is it worth spending time on Bing and Yahoo SEO?

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Simply, Bing and Yahoo search engine optimization is it worth spending time, money and effort?
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Getting traffic from Google is quite difficult these days because of high competition for rankings. Bing and Yahoo have less competition making them an ideal starting point. If you are struggling on Google move you attention to those two search engines.
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Nowadays Bing closely matches Google in everything, has pretty much the same services and stuff which means that this is gonna attract traffic and where is traffic there are lots of opportunities.
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Of course it is worth spending your time on Bing & Yahoo! Whatever Google does, YBN still leading in the market to cover the maximum visitor's. If the Google beats your SEO process, it is the right time to move into the sea of Bing & Yahoo.

For shutting down an online business, Anyone can target the Bing and Yahoo engines!

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