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Is linking to high pr, authority and ranking sites improves SEO?

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Is this really the real deal when it comes to increasing website rankings? Some say that if you link from you site with dofollow links to some high PR, rankings and authority website Google will give your website boost in rankings and PageRank I mean it improves your own seo. Can this statement be true?
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Yes, the statement is true buddy!

High PR, High Authority websites are mostly considered as BRAND websites. (Google gives more importance to the brand ones then the start-up websites). Brand site receives, huge amount of traffic and its direct searches were maximum.

Overall linking a website which has max direct searches sure increase your websites rankings (SERP's) not your pagerank.
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Sure, this is right that linking to high pr site, authority and ranking site improve SEO.
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Linking with dofollow links to the websites in your niche (relevant) that have greater rankings, PR and authority than yours definitely improves SEO.
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Yes, good websites help increase the value of your website, They can send traffic to your website effectively.

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