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Is there a way to tell if my website is affected by some Google algorithm?

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Google has so many of those algorithms that are hungry for websites but how can i know if my site was affected by one of them? I mean which algorithm is stopping my seo from evolving?
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If you were really hit by one that really had an impact on your rankings then go to webmaster tools account and check out manual action section.
Also check crawl errors it could also be the issue.
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I don't think so, the only way you can have an idea about what wrong with your site is through webmaster tool account
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Webmaster tools shows why the website was penalized
1. I agree with @SureNot & @SEO123 Comment And it is possible to show them by below ways;

If the website is fully penalized or de-indexed
2. You can show them by googling your domain alone, Sure the website will not be visible when it is totally hitted by Google.
(or) Try this: http://pixelgroove.com/serp/sandbox_checker/

3. Lot of webmaster says that fruition gives the exact statement when the Google beat your website. (It is similar to Google webmaster tools - But Fruition gives the exact result of why the website got hitted & which Google SEO algorithm applied on the website).

Any suggestions? Because I am not completely right at all the time!

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