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Is there any changes in H1 tag by Google

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Juliaann Offline referral

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I need confirmation, My one colleague told me Google recently did some changed in h1 tag & I'm unaware about it. So I want to confirm.

Did Google really did any changes in h1 tag ?
denverlawyers Offline referral

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Have you googled the same and found any update related to h1??
kaurksifat Offline referral

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There is no such kind of information and google it if you have doubt.
infosteve Offline referral

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Have not seen any study related your enquiru
davidsmith0143 Offline referral

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Hello there is nothing such as changes on H1 tag in google.
Skymedia Offline referral

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no changes on h1 tag by google
KateSteel Offline referral

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H1 tag length & importance has not been changed by Google search engine.
arihantwebtech Offline referral

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I think many fake news are going viral now days in SEO. Let me confirm you that nothing was changed and no effect come on ranking. Just working on previous SEO strategy.
fisherjames731 Offline referral

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No changes in H1 tag by Google.

Google this topic

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