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Is there any effect on keyword ranking in SERP results due to web hosting?

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If the hosting of my website is changed from one country to another country, is there any effect on keyword ranking in SERP results.
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Yes it does really affect your Google rankings in that particular country! Google checks the website IP address and determines the server location. The website will get better rankings since Google believes the website content is more relevant to that country.

So if the website is hosted on the Spanish server Google expects the site to be written in Spanish some like domain name example.es has to contains Spanish content and not Chinese Wink

Here is the video where Matt Cutts talks about the effect of the server geographic location.

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Yes, It affects your keyword SERP rank in search engine .
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Yes, if you have a slow website, it can negatively affect your rankings. Elcid was not talking about speed, he was talking about location. Therefore his statement is correct.

Google does not care where your server is located. There are not web hosting providers located in every city so it would be ridiculous to accume you have to have locat web hosting in order to have good local rankings.

If you believe otherwise, I would love to see documentation supporting the contrary.
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Yes, Your site should always up while search engine indexing.

Google this topic

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