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Is there any safe methods to increase PAGE RANK (PR) fast and safely?

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I know website pagerank PR is very important because high PR web sites tend to rank high on Google I am aware of many ways to increase PR but I need to know what are the save and fast at the same time methods to boost website PR?
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Yes only use white hat SEO stay away from black hat SEO which will get you in trouble fast!
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Get a ton of dofollow and high PR backlinks this will surely increase your rankigs and PageRank. However if you get too much backlinks in a very short period of time this could trigger some kind of Google algorithm.
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1. Backlinks is the key to increase the website/webpage PR
2. Backlinks criteria - Do follow, Quality, relevant, High PR, Authorship sites, domain authority, High WOT trust value sites...etc
3. The backlinks referring you should have less quantity of traffic/outbound links
4. Do not post in the page which have/had back-links for adult/gambling sites or Google spammed words like pay day loans...etc
5. Gradual promotions - Webmaster says that We can post up to 10-50 links/day, Do not gain any negative reviews about your website/webpage.
6. Post contextual links than profile creations.
7. keep trying to get organic backlinks by providing good quality services.
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Do everything suggested above but slowly don't rush. You don't wanna get penalized for webspam.
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SEO tactics has become time consuming and hard working process. As Google updates occur recently, so it's essential to follow webmaster guidelines to prevent webspam. Some effective techniques are classified, social bookmarking, video and content marketing, Business Directory(Citation) and social media sharing. Try to find high PR, relevant and authoritative websites to get quality backlink.
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Build more back-link to achieve your website page rank. Now social media is a good way to get natural link and natural visitors.you should do high PR bookmarking, directory submission, article etc.
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Just make quality posts & do regular updates on your website. Make your every visitor stick to your website!

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