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Is website speed also important factor for mobile sites?

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I learned that website speed (load time) is pretty important and plays an important role in seo. Since today we are required to have both desktop and mobile versions it makes me wonder if this also apples to mobile websites?
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Think simply @Whatsapp buddy!, You are loading a page in your mobile.. If the page doesn't loads faster what you'll do?. It is important to satisfying the user than following the Google webmaster guidelines. Even the guidelines intended to make the user satisfy.

Do you think the Mobile version SEO is important?
If YES, You must have to read this thread: Website Mobile Version SEO
If No, You don't need to speed up the mobile site for mobile users (Ignoring the entire mobile/tablet users).
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It doesn't matter mobile or not website speed is important and should be addressed accordingly.
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Yes for both desktop and mobile sites. Use Google insides and you will see that it creates report based on both versions.

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