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Judge prohibits entry of Justin Bieber to the U.S

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Judge prohibits entry of Justin Bieber to the US

The large number of incidents Justin Bieber had in recent times finally catch up with him. This time, an U.S. judge wants to refuse Justin Bieber entry to the country and therefore his deportation.

The last straw that let to this drastic decision seems to have been recent fight Justin Bieber was involved where elegantly the singer and his bodyguards beat up a man at the nightclub. Justin Bieber understandably denies all the allegations, however many witnesses claim he was in the fight.
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Justin Bieber thinks he owns the world. He maybe loved by millions of fans but that doesn't mean he can break the law.
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I don't think Justin Bieber will be refused entry to the U.S, and who's going to deport his? Is he an illegal alien or something?

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