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Justin Bieber Accused Of Hit-And-Run Accident!

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It's just another day in the life of Justin Bieber when you get into a minor car accident, are accused of hit-and-run, and then have your good name cleared.

The Biebs was driving his well-known and trouble-prone white Ferrari while leaving the Laugh Factory last night and, you guessed it, trouble found him!

While trying to get the hellz out of there as photogs flashed their cameras at him and his buddy Lil Twist, it seemed pretty #@$%!!! inevitable that shizz was going to get out of control. And yes, it most certainly did because that's what happens when you're a teenage Canadian pop star.

As he drove off, Justin HIT a photog, who was apparently then pinned between the Ferrari and a parked car…but our teen dream didn't stop to offer him a bandaid or icepack or ANYTHING! He was outta there faster than he got rid of his monkey!

Like in any legal case involving the Biebs, an investigation was quickly launched and, for once, he was immediately found innocent!

Beliebers rejoice!

Justin supposedly didn't know he had hit anyone, which only partially matters because the photog was to blame anyway since he was a pedestrian in the middle of the road.

Luckily for the photog, he wasn't seriously injured all over trying to snap a few pics of our baby, baby, baby.

That is sooo not a cool injury story!

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It was clearly hit-and-run WTF!

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