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Justin Bieber recent news

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown
Those concerned about Justin Bieber's many public missteps this year likely won't "heart" his latest Instagram photo — an image in which he's seen bonding with Chris Brown.

The baby-faced pop star, 19, posted the photo of himself with his controversial new friend on Instagram Tuesday. In it, the Biebs points at the 24-year-old R&B artist, who has his arm draped around Bieber's neck. "CB what's up," reads the caption.

Although the "Boyfriend" singer has expanded his body art collection this year, he looks like a tattoo lightweight in the photo compared to Brown, who practically has two sleeves at this point and most of his neck covered. Despite their ink inequality, the guys certainly appear fond of one another. It's as if a new Hollywood bromance has blossomed.
Justin Bieber recent news
However, seeing as Brown is a controversy magnet (whether it's his on-again/off-again relationship with Rihanna, fights with Drake and Frank Ocean, or his recent graffiti feud with neighbors), one can't help but wonder how this new friendship might impact Bieber, who is in the middle of his most tumultuous year in the public eye, littered with missteps and scandals.

The Canadian heartthrob's most recent embarrassment was getting booed at Sunday's Billboard Awards. On stage to accept the Milestone Award, the crowd wasn't exactly welcoming, jeering him loudly from their seats. And his speech didn't exactly convert his detractors. Bieber told the crowd that he was "not a gimmick" and declared, "I'm an artist." No surprise, more booing followed. (Don't worry, his on-again gal pal Selena Gomez was waiting backstage to console him with a kiss.)

The morning after, Bieber tweeted a vague message to his loyal Beliebers, saying, "Gonna take some time," though he didn't elaborate on what he would be doing. We kind of hope he has some other things planned in addition to this photo op with Brown — as he himself has said he's at his best when he's performing and busy working.
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Cool check my post please "Taylor Swift Sticks Tongue Out for Selena & Justin's Kiss"
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I like that dude
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Justin Bieber recent news: "Justin Bieber Poses Semi-Shirtless for Calvin Klein Campaign"

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