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Keyword Proximity?

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Keyword proximity measures how close in the text the keywords are. It is best if they are immediately one after the other (e.g. “dog food”), with no other words between them. For instance, if you have “dog” in the first paragraph and “food” in the third paragraph, this also counts but not as much as having the phrase “dog
food” without any other words in between. Keyword proximity is applicable for keyword phrases that consist of 2 or more words.
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Alex seriously learn how to write a fricken title to your post. Stop posting questions in the title when you should be posting that is a fact. Again such as "Reasons keyword proximity is useful" Something that shows you are sharing facts not asking a question!!!

Your posts are back to being more wasting time than anything else. Also if you do not start responding to your own posts and replying to questions and or corrections to your facts I will start harping on you even harder!!!
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Nice post but I have to agree with chod! Alex man don't make your title to look like a question when your post is an answer, just don't add ?
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Cool but is this even important for SEO?
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Yes it is how keyword stuffing is caught.
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Are you referring to keyword density?

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