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I want to rank my Hotel site for keyword Hotels in Nagpur. It is currently showing in 3rd page. I have done lot of link building work, Webmaster is showing more than 20k backlinks. My question is Why My site not ranking in 1st page for the given keyword? What should I need to do to get ranking in First page? Please suggest your ideas.
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Hi, first of all please don't spam your link in your post as that goes against the rules!

Add more relevant to your niche content to the home page of your web-site make sure to use plenty of H2 and H3 tags don't forget the H1 tag. Create a blog and post there relevant to your keywords content make sure you link to it from your home page with a dofollow backlink.

Backlinks these days don't have as much power as content for improving rankings!

Do brand marketing using social media networks. Create a business page on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter again post regularly use hashtags to reach more people.

If anything fails then invest in PPC (pay-per-click) to give your website initial boost.
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You Do the SEO Off Page Activity. Article submission, Blog Submission, Classified submission, Bookmarking submission, Directory submission etc.

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