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Kidney stones - How to get rid of kidney stones?

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Hi for the past year and a half I have been suffering from kidney stone! The ultrasound scan reveled that I had a stone in my left kidney! And it's been already for about a year that I am trying to pass kidney stone! I have to say the symptoms I get is constant urge to urinate and a lot of pain after the urination. Then recently I am starting to get weird sensations in the area where my left kidney is! I have been trying to get rid of kidney stone for such a long time that it makes me wonder why that stone still didn't come out?

I drank so much orange and lemon juice that it should had already dissolved kidney stone!
Can you recommend some good Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones?
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I am very sorry to hear that! Many people describe having Kidney stones as something that makes your life miserable. I have heard good things about get rid of kidney stones without surgery with lemon juice. Check this video please:
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Drink a lot of water mixed with a bit of lemon juice, at least 2 litters every day! If you have a big kidney stone it's gonna take more time to get rid of it!
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Yeah drink at least 3 liters of water everyday mixed with a bit of lemon juice!

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