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Krim the beginning of WW3?

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maria Offline referral

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We all saw what happened in Ukraine last week, for no apparent reason Russia has invaded Ukraine Krym region and it looks like the plan is to take away Krim from Ukraine because Crimea is strategically very important to Russia as almost all naval Russian fleet is based in Sevastopol.
Do you think America should help Ukraine defend it or you think Ukraine should surrender Krim to Russia?
victor Offline referral

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Russia should keep its dirty hands out of Krim and Ukraine I hope America will kick Russian ass! Also why Ukraine still hadn't started fighting back?
maya Offline referral

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Those Russians think they can just take whatever they want I hope imposed sanctions will hit Russia good! Get your hands off Crimea let Ukrainian people decide their own future! Ukraine need to be helped to get rid of those parasites! I think everything that is happening in Ukraine had been caused by Russia to have the motive to invite Crimea.
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The world war 3 will start on Monday after tomorrow Crimea's referendum!
maxout Offline referral

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(03-15-2014 10:16 PM)SEO123 Wrote:  The world war 3 will start on Monday after tomorrow Crimea's referendum!

Nothing will happen because the NATO EU and America will never allow Russia to take Crimea away from Ukraine!
zorro Offline referral

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If Ukraine would have had nuclear weapons Krim will still belong to it but now it belongs to Russia! Guys how is possible not in 21th century for Russia to take what it wants and nothing happens! Ukraine come-on start killing those some Russians or at least show that you have bolls to defend your territory! Crimean is now Russian territory and there is nothing Ukraine can do by the way Donetsk will be next Crimea it will become Russian as well Smile
invisibe_dude Offline referral

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Russia is just too powerful nation even USA would dare to face it's awesome power! No one is going to risk with their own people for helping Ukraine that did nothing to stop Russia from stealing Crimean from them!

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