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Let's see how harsh can you be criticizing my site.

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Hey fellas,

Please have a look at bywex(dot)com and tell me what do you think about it.

I'm going to focus on the Custom Bots part

What I know I need to do:

1. Homepage
Maybe a little more content and the blog posts
2. E capture forms ( autoresponder )

2. Custom Bots page
I need to add more pictures, maybe add different background images or designs for different page sections.
Maybe some Animations to the icons
More examples

3. Blog ( well I have to make the blog first and start adding content to it)

4. SAT my first public bot for sale in a small niche. How does that sale page look to you?

1. What else would you suggest to add into those pages?
2. How about others pages that I should add regarding freelancing on custom tailored software?
3. What do you think about the SAT sale page?

Thank you for taking the time in checking it out,
Looking forward in seeing your answers!
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The front image just kills it, needs a better picture because it really just hurts my eyes.
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I like the fun, colorful design you use to decorate your site, but I don't understand the language so I can't really provide any useful feedback on quality of content.

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