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Link Bait

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what is link bait..?
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Content is very important factor in search engine optimization (SEO). Every body loves good content and the majority of us will link to that content or share it to social media networks thus creating backlinks and increasing exposure for your site!
Linkbait, or more corectly link bait, is a bit of content that can be an article, video or podcast which is placed on the website that results in others wanting to link to that content. Essentially the content acts as "bait" for others to link in to the information.
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Link bait can be found on all major social media sites where you only share a link and a bit of description, this is used to get free traffic, it's used for increasing rankings (Google PageRank)
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Social media marketing is considered as link bait because everything you share and publish on those site are there to get free traffic! Link Bait is a bit content intended to make people want to visit the link in that content!
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Do you know the meaning of "bait"? Link back is the same but instead of using money to attract bees/traffic you use internet content Wink

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