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Link Bait explanation or a guide?

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Link Bait seems to be pretty important in online marketing as it produces good results. I know some basics on how it works, I hope you could post some more advanced methods tips and tricks on how to get most of this technique?
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The aim of Linkbait is to attract links to your website. It's a great way to get traffic and backlinks.

Quantity, Not Quality.
Post some decent content like "how to" tutorials and guides and provide user with the way to link you back.
Create some tools and allow users to use them for free.
Use social media, profiles, pages, comments to posts some aye-catching content.
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On your website or on social media sites post content that will make people want to share, like, and link to it.
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Getting people attention is a very good thing in Internet Marketing. Not an easy thing to make the people to look of your products/services. Better content gives enough attention to cover the targeted visitors, Better & fresher content success based on its social promotion/press release/pod casting. Check how Matt-Cutts attempts to link baiting.

I can see some quality content failed in the first release because of it lack in the promotion. A superior logic in internet marketing is "You can make money where there available of money". Target the people where you can make money.

For example:
Shopping cart website: Making popular in between the ages 10-17 doesn't gives you the business. You should be more confident about where you're targeting. Even lots of link baiting methods goes failure due to some weak signal in the targeting spot.

10-17 - Doesn't have the money to buy
16-30 - Buy when they likes
30-55 - Buy with analysis & comparing

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Social media sites are more effective since the get plenty of traffic which makes them an ideal candidate. Using your website has many negative SEO affects and doesn't produce the same results.

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