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Links and how they are valued by Google?

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How many types of links (backlinks) there are and how they are evaluated, treated and valued by Google?
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Backlinks are the foundation of Google PageRank (PR) algorithm.

There are 2 types of them Dofollow and Nofollow

Dofollow backlinks are the ones that Google counts as a vote. The link coming from high ranking, authority website is given more weight.

These days many say that nofollow backlinks are also given a little bit of weight in PR calculation. Links from Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have huge impact on PageRank.
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Marcus has already explained the basics. Backlink is a vote for higher ranking. More votes/backlinks equals to high PR.

Websites with high PageRank rank high in the search engine and get a ton of traffic.
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Bit elaborating the topic: Types of back-links:

Footer links - Google provides low value to those types.
Site-Wide links - Side banner ads, Presented in all the pages of web pages (Mostly, links are irrelevant to the pages). Google avoids and hates when a link posted on a irrelevant page.
Country Based Backlinks - Getting Europe and china backlinks for a Website in India. This will trigger the Google algorithm naturally.
Irrelevant backlinks - Relevancy plays a vital role in link building.
Link schemes - Discovered to increased the website PR and search rankings
Paid backlinks - Buying and selling backlinks? Google will hang you with a negative roll no batch.
Link exchanges - Google stops loving when it feels unnatural.
Automated backlinks - Don't know how Google stopping this? But still the automated scripts works from some and results better for some.
Advertorial links - Paid article marketing, Spam structure of articles.
Widget Backlinks - Offering something, that contain links to websites.
Do-follow and No-Follow Links - No-Follow/Do-Follow backlinks.

Overall Google loves any link types which done organically.

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