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Low Traffic for Saturday and Sunday

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Hi guys,
I do seo for a website and I keep report of organic, referral and direct traffics for the same website, in my report its showing that Saturday and Sunday the traffics are extremely low what exactly it means? Why this is happening in all Saturday and Sunday (Office remains closed for sat and sun)

Please help!!!!
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It's normal getting low traffic on weekends even Google said that they get less traffic on those days. Simply case people are out not working nor using their PCs.
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Hi friends,
My thoughts are that it is due to your user behavior. You may feel like most of them would be searching on the weekends but it looks like that data shows otherwise. While the weekends offer more free time most people don't spend their entire weekend on the Internet. They spend more time with family and more time caring for home duties like cleaning and shopping. It seems like this is the pattern of your audience.
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It means the people usually not prefer to use search engine for searching purpose on weekends. So not to worry about it. Just keep implementing SEO techniques for your website..
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May be your audience does perfer to go live during business days but with the help of electronic mail marketing you can increase your overall traffic to website.
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It is natural. This is weekend season. So, nothing to worry.
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To increase traffic:
1)Share your content on social media.
2)Interact in forums and share your information for free and spread your links
3)Interact with industry experts and ask for their reviews on your content. Make sure to tag them along so that their followers see the tag.
4)Convert your content into an infographic and share it social forums etc.
5)Try to optimize the keywords on your site for higher ranking

Hope it helps!
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Weekend get low traffic due to no work or less work. In order to over this problem. Build links for Saturday and Sunday. So these links will be index later on.
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If you are facing this visitor problem on daily basis on Saturday and Sunday, then might be user are not seeing your website on search engine. In now days, as we all know that Christmas is very close and people are busy in preparation and celebration. So, keep patience and wait for result.
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People use INTERNET on Sunday, but they visit or search only specific things so queries like 2 days travel, best place for dinner on weekends or related may have more searches and rest may have less, even my client store get less number visitors on weekends!!

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