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Input " make money online" into any search engine specially Google and you'll get thousands of results of companies, experts and simply ordinary people claiming to have the answer to this EPIC questions and they don't mind to share it with you in return for, you guested it money. Now you are an educated person ask yourself this simple question:

Why would some that makes thousands of dollars a month would want to share such valuable information with me for such small amount of money?

The answer is pretty simple because it's a scam, clever marketing way of making money from people interesting in something in this case earn money online.

There are no easy ways to make money in the internet specially now that everyone in online searching for the same thing. Every reliable and easy way had been saturated to the point that it makes it very hard to make a decent buck online (the legal way). So you have to expect the road to be tough and bumpy as you move towards the top.

As I said above there a many ways you can get started earning cash but the only way that for some reason most of the people disregard is Adsense.

Adsense was always and it still is compared with low tech and that only non professionals are using it and that they make as few dollars a month. However you miss the huge picture here. There are folks making 6 figures every singe month with Adsense and it's real money you know you won't get scammed as it's Google you're dealing with. There is no way you can make that much money doing let say email marketing or affiliate marketing which are among the hardest ways you can choose from.

Here is the prove: Top 10 Highest Google Adsense Earners in the World

Conclusion. Be smart don't let others fool you and simply create a blog, website or signup for YouTube account and start producing good quality content monetize it with Adsense ads and start making real money!

P.S. In comprising with other forms of money making Adsense only requires a minimum investment such as paying for web hosting.
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Adsense these days is the best way to make money online and the most secure as there is nothing worse than working hard 30 days only to find out that the amount you expected to earn is much less because someone decided to reduce earnings due to 80% invalid clicks WTF. Or you are busting your a*s every days sending traffic to some affiliate program only to find out that no sales were made and get paid nothing.
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For beginners there is nothing better than starting with PPC marketing. In fact as mentioned above when done correctly you will make more money than with any other current online marketing program.
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Please read that link to top 10 Google ad sense earners. Each of those own a major website with millions of visitors a day. Check with Alexa for the level of traffic of each of these websites. If you own a small site with thousands of visitors a month, you will get paid little.

Some may win if they use extreme high paying keywords with sophisticated SEO, with thousands of visitors only. Again big money with high knowledge.

The right way to go about is find a good sub-niche on a big paying market. Build a sales funnel (with cost per action and cost per sale) and e-mail list. Build a series of pages from small tail to long tail keywords to build user interest. Use ad sense in small tail keywords and your direct offers in long tail keywords.

Now you will make ad sense money from your freebie visitors and real money from paying visitors. Keep testing and tracking to remove ad sense from pages which will lead to your own ling tail keywords. Otherwise a cunning webmaster will target your ad sense page and steal traffic from your own short tail keyword page.

Ultimately please understand some one must pay that ad sense money with google profit and still make a profit out of ad word expense.
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To make money online you have to spend some on the marketing and on the PPC or other form of online advertising. You just have to realize that in the wold of business marketing plays an important role. Major brands and firms spend millions of dollars every year on marketing their products and services online and offline.

Whenever you start an online shop, eCommerce website at the beginning you have to be prepared to take losses by adverting to generate traffic but to make money in the internet you need to gain user's trust as that will determine if the money you spent on the marketing was money well invested or you simply lost it.

You need to spend an equal amount of cash on your website to make it user-friendly so that people will want to return after they visit it for the first time.
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Yes, Adsense ads are best way to make online money.
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Probably. But it's better to create your own product and sell it rather than relying in some sites to get paid.

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