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Hi, definitely to make money online by writing articles is not for everyone! To make money by writing you have to write quality articles, it is not the same as posting! So here is a list of website services that pays you to write for them:

1. Yahoo Voices
Yahoo Contributor Network lets writers, videographers, and photographers to share their articles with the hundreds of millions of user worldwide and thus making money!

2. About.com
About.com with over 55 million visitors every month is one of the most popular content sharing service with millions of articles, that offers highest payout to its writers.

3. QualityGal
QualityGal is the content creation service that provides high quality seo content. QualityGal pays about $13 per article.

4. eCopywriters
eCopywriters hires professional copywriters only. Where you can earn easily up to the $25 per.

5. wiseGEEK
At wiseGEEK you can find answers to the common questions in almost all the niches (600 + topics). Currently wiseGEEK pays between $11 to $15 depending on the article.

6. Break Studios
At Break Studios you can also make money by writing an articles. They will provide you the titles for the each article and then you write the content.
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Well thank for the post but I as you have just said you need to be a some sort of writer to make money by writing articles so I pass!
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What are the article requirements, because I don't think I get paid for a simple article. The what about article subject, can I write about anything I want?
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The article you get paid for must have between 1,000 and 1,500 words and the subject of that articles matters as well.

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