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Hi guys I love internet and I love spending time using it so I would like to make money in the internet working from home and earn a decent amount money? I want to make a living from the internet what are the best ways to make money from home?
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Everybody dreams to be their own boss and work from home but it is not so easy! For starters try making money with PPC marketing try Adsense.
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Start any business or freelancing work from home. These are the key to earn money at home..
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They key to gain success is to give the people quality, if your website is crappy and you want to make some quick money just by launching crappy sites then eventually you will get caught by a Google update... if you make 2k cash a month and you get hit by a update and you make 200 dollars, then you will need to get a job again. And i've seen a lot people go down again and had to find a job again
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It's really hard to get independent especially from IM. To have a stable income now days requires skills, patience and some funds. You can't start something without any investment. That's why I think gold days are pretty much gone and all those who made millions now do money just out from safe ways like solo ads which are very expensive by the way.
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Yeah it's so cool being my own boss and work from home. But it's not that easy these days the competition is just too high. Have you considered starting at first with PPC networks like Adsense? Many make 6 figures income every month with it.
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1. If you're much familiar with SEO : Just go on to freelancer sites & bid on some projects.

You may get some new client's projects within a month. From that you can sure get the idea/knowledge to take new SEO projects

2. Of Course PPC gives you some money. Also try with PPI, CPA. Google ad-sense doesn't pay you instantly.

3. Try searching a keyword "Micro jobs" You get lot of sites offering some jobs and give you money. Some of them are fake. choose the right one after reading the reviews. Sure it will make you some amount of cash.

4. Content development can get huge amount of money.

5. What about link building?/Selling Links? Do you familiar with this.. It is also a way to make money.

6. Do you have some high PR blogs? Do not go into, that the link exchange still working/not working??? It can give you some reward in cash.
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You can get money easily from captcha entry jobs available in online. for example you can check in 2captcha (dot) com website.
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you can get projects from some freelancer sites and complete at your home.
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To start making money you have to spend some that is the rule any business man should follow!
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Affiliate marketing is one of the effective way to earn money from home. You'll get paid for promoting a certain brand, service or product.
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Try freelancing sites. You can work as a VA for a decent pay !!
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how to start making money with PPC marketing?
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Internet marketing and Affiliate Marketing both are best way to make money online.
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Do freelance job, like for example if you are into writing then pursue that type of job trust me it pays well. You can also do online selling, yet you will need a capital. Work as a web developer if you know about website creation.
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Getting more information for make money in home, thanks for sharing.

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