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Make money selling t-shirts?

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how to make money selling t-shirts? Where to buy them cheap first and then I guess they had to be customized somehow and then sold but where to sell them? How this works?
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It depends. Will you be taking the T-shirts and then have them customized and then sell yourself or will you simply want to sell t-shirts that others make. If it is the first option, you can get it from aliexpress or alibaba in large quantities at really low prices. Then, you can work out a great deal with a local service provider to have them printed for you with designs of your choice and you can sell them directly through WordPress. This is a great opportunity if you do have some money to invest.
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If you go to YouTube there are many channels that have tons of subscribers selling t-shirts and stuff but that is cause they are popular and well recognized! Start first by marketing your brand!

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