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Make the first post sticky

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How can I make the first post sticky in mybb
for example a thread has 3 pages I want to make the first post of the thread sticky that
can be shown in top of every page
I found the plugin but I want another way for example with IF Conditional

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Hi it's called "sticky thread" and the option to do it is available in "inline moderation"

Log into your MYBB forum account as administrator, moderator or super-moderator.
Go to the forum of your choice.
Choose thread/s you want to stick to the top of the threadlist and then check the check-box on the right side, it should change color.
Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate "Inline Thread Moderation:" choose Stick Threads and press Go (1) button.

Go (1) means you have selected 1 thread!

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