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Missing flight MH370 - Aliens?

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After so long searching for missing Malaysia Flight MH370 there is no singes or any debris of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 this could indication that maybe someone not from this planet is responsible for this!

Does anybody believe that Flight MH370 could be abducted by aliens? Maybe it flew into some kind of Bermuda Triangle?

I think aliens are responsible for missing Boeing 777!
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What aliens are you talking about? Most likely the flight was highjacked or as many suspect suicide by pilot. And it looks like satellites have located debris of missing flight MH370? The theory of alien abduction is not going to work Smile
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No, aliens are not responsible for for disappearing of MH370. It's most likely pilot suicide, technical problem or could be even hijacking we will never know if they fail to find MH370 after 30 day. After 30 days black boxes will stop transmitting locator beacon!

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