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Hello; I've recently started a website that provides links to free lottery & sweepstakes sites.
I don't have much experience in building or promotion. I was hoping that you could take a
look at it and give me some feedback on what I'm doing right or wrong and what I should
be doing to make it a success, I would appreciate your expert advice Thank You
P.S. Sorry for posting my sites address, I'm new to this forum and thought the Website Review section was where I was supposed to put it.
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Welcome to letsforum. Untill you reach 10 posts you cannot post url.

Post it in this format example(dot)com
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i feel you should start seo. it consist of on-page optimisatio and off page optimisation.. u can youtube links below so can learn out if it
On Page Optimization
www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=5Xyxx8AEuhk

www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=UhgCSDR5iOI

this video,, if u have still any douts plz post it here

this video,, if u have still any douts plz post it here
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Please share your website URL in the format suggested above and will will review it!
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how can we review a website if we dont have a url, it woul be better if u drop it PM us
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Thank you for the advice

Google this topic

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