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My site was down for a day, will that affect my rankings?

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What if my website was down for a day or more, will that have any effect on my search engine optimization and rankings?
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Affects Site rankings - If the website is down when the time of crawling/Spidering.

Google doesn't gives any value to the down website, So we can see drops in the traffic/rankings flow till the Google bot crawls the working website. This is a natural thing, You don't have to worry much about this issue. I usually face this issue once in a quarter of the year.

If you're running a very big E-commerce money making website - $100000/Day. Google mostly doesn't drops your rankings/traffic for some time even the website is down. Because you're a "BRAND" to Google. In Some occasion Google drops whatever the major/minor websites? In that case you don't have any chance to ignore the loss.
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It's a common thing for a website to be down sometimes for a short period of time Google is cool with that. When a crawler stumbles upon 500 some error it will comeback and try again. If a website is down like for a day or so, usually this is not good for SEO but no a big deal, more that 24h could result some sort of penalty.
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If it happens once then don't wary however if it continue happening then there is no doubt in my mind you will get penalized and lose rankings.

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