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My website ranks on the first page of Bing and Yahoo not Google?

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What is the problem my site rankings are awesome on Bing and Yahoo it ranks on the first page but now on Google any ideas why?
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Well congratulations on getting top rankings. Bing and Yahoo are the second and third most visited search engines in the world after Google so if your website ranks on the first page on those two engines that should bring some traffic. Just makes to provide users with the way to share your content so that they will start generating backlinks for your on social media sites and since Google uses signals from those web-site it juts a matter of time before your website lands on the first page of Google.

Google SEO and Bing SEO are different so the results will be different as well.,
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You are lucky to ranking on Bing's and Yahoo's fist page as their SEO is much slower and takes longer. Google is processing SEO quickly so you are able to make changes and see results in 2 months tops. Continue doing your SEO and eventually your get on Google's top ranking position.

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