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I have tried most of the recommended methods that suppose to help getting traffic to my website yet the volume remains the same. I used:

Social media
Blog commenting
Forum Posting
Article marketing
Press release
Document sharing
Video marketing

Are there any other ones?
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You pretty much described the best ones the reason they don't work for you could be because you either don't doing it right or don't allow time for the process to take place and start producing results.

I get really great results sharing documents and files try it.
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A organic seo is only a single way to get genuine traffic on the website for a long time period. In organic seo all the technique follows as per search engine guidelines. That provide a better and long time fix result.
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Success (I mean "Traffic") depends on what content you're sharing & (where/when) you're sharing

Social media - need quality posts
Blog commenting - Comment on pretty much popular/trendy topics
Forum Posting - Post on your category niche popular moderated forums (Less spammy)
Article marketing - Content should have the ability to generate the organic leads
Press release - Release your product in a season when user searching for those (For Ex: "Christmas Greeting Cards" cannot be sold all the time)
Document sharing - Rich quality content - A documented article which must satisfy the user.
Video marketing - Create professional representation of your brand.
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One best way to gain natural backlink is through social media sites which is very effective in gaining visibility.

Google this topic

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