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Need help in Adsense

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Hi everyone.

I have created a YouTube account and have associated Adsense with it, it says HOSTING ACCOUNT, I dont know why.

Anyways the account is almost 1 months old but the estimated earnings is $0, why is that?

Can anyone help?
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Hi don't wary it's totally normal for thing! Once you connect your Adsense account to YouTube it will be shown in your Adsense account as Hosted Adsense for content when normal ads will show as Adsense for content

The reason why it shows 0 earnings is because it's calculated by YouTube Analytics. To see how much money you make on YouTube please log into your YouTube account and got to Video Manager >> Analytics >> Estimated Earnings
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Now YouTube Analytics is handling Adsense earnings not your Adsense account!
The reason you are not getting paid is cause your Adsense earnings need to reach €70 or $100. Follow Marcus advice!
Good Luck

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