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Need help to choose fast hosting

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Hello. I am in search of a web hosting that is reliable and will provide very fast loading speed all over the world. I will be uploading videos to the website and they need to load fast.

Does such a hosting exist?
Or should I just have a different web hosting server for different parts of the world?
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I also like to know, i am interested in the fastest of the fast hosting servers, does it exist?
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there are different types of hosting but before choosing a fast hosting you need to understand that all fast hosting depends on how fast your application or project is. if you are hosting a wordpress website and haven't optimized it then it will work definitely slow even on 1000 cores server with nvme ssd.

so fast hosting comes with high cpu cores, ssd or nvme pcie storage, high ram, and the last thing is high bandwidth port.
mostly hosting comes with a low bandwidth port which is probably 10mb/s but there are hostings which provides 1gb/s port.

take my advice if your website has over 10000 users a month or i will say 100k visitors a month then you need to be worried about fast hosting.
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The are lot of hosting options available if your website is just for hobby or starting a blog then go with a shared option they will be cheap and will save a lot of money while scaling.
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Well,this information is really impressive thanks for giving such knowledge.
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Some of the most common shared hosting providers are: Bluehost, Dreamhost, Host Gator, and Host Monster. Best for: People with brand new sites with growing traffic, are on a budget, and need good customer support. These typically give you the best value for your needs.
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hostgator and bluehost are best hosting
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hostgator and siteground are best hosting providers in this world

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