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Where can I buy high PR, dofollow and relative to my website backlinks? Also what a backlink is selling for these days?
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You would need to contact a webmaster and ask it if it's interesting in adding your link to its website in return for a fee. Backlinks these days go from $5 up to $50 or even more. The price will be negotiated between you and the site's webmaster.
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Buying backlinks for what SEO? If so it not recommended spend that money on internet marketing in stead.
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Services involved in selling backlinks are worthless since everybody including Google knows what they do Smile
Link exchange buying and selling backlinks are part of the black hat SEO. Don't believe anyone saying that if you purchase backlinks from them you will get on top of Google fist page and your PR will increase it's totally BS.
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I agree with you that no need to get back links these kinds but i don't know why people make a trend in the market to see these kind of back links...
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Back links matters a lot when it come to online marketing because it help in ranking your sites to the top of search engines result pages and this convert to thousand's of free leads or traffic from search engines to your sites even if you don't have some money in your bank account to advertise your products and services.

You will keep receiving visitors which will keep rolling into your sales funnel, I mean targeted traffics from search engines free of charge!

Thanks for posting the thread... I hope you found it helpful.

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