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NoFollow Backlinks Improve SEO?

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I need to know if nofollow backlinks are useful or they are totally useless in terms of increasing PageRank, rankings and seo in general? I know that only dofollow backlinks are the ones that Google users on it's PageRank calculating algorithm however in my Google webmasters tools account I see backlinks I am sure are nofollow how do you explain that?

And the most important question is: do nofollow links in some ways help improving seo?
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As you already stated only dofollow back-links are useful in SEO.

SEO Trick.

Instead of creating nofollow back-link (anchor link) which adds not juice to SEO post juts your domain name like instead of:




This acts almost as dofollow back-link!
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No-follow backlinks also important for every website like do-follow,
Both have equal Importance.

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