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Nofollow backlink can affect rank in search engine?

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Nofollow backlink can affect rank in search engine? Can anyone tell me?
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No follow link is the way to increase the traffic,also No follow link is bed sometime. Ratio of Do follow /No follow is 4:1 In this ratio your increase your site traffic.
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Backlinks are important factor in SEO cause they are responsible for the site PR and rankings. Do-follow backlink means that the search engine crawler will follow the link and the most important thing is that the webpage where the link is located will pass its SEO juice to the the website that is linking to. That's why dofollow links are important.

Now nofollow ones are useless since they pretty much saying to the search engine that this link should not be followed and they also don't improve SEO since they don't allow search engine optimization juice to flow!
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Now, no follow can perform better. We will not get do-follow links from authority sites. Its always better to get no-follow links from authority sites than junk do-follow links from low quality sites.

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