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Not Followed errors webmaster tools?

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I started to get lots of these Not Followed 301 responds code errors in my Google webmaster tools account. What are they and how to fix them, also do they affect seo?
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This means that some of your 301 redirects are not set up correctly. They show http/https header 301 but don't have any location, don't redirect to any website.
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It is many like IBP.
hellboy Offline referral

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(06-13-2014 04:45 PM)garesasa Wrote:  It is many like IBP.

What do you mean I don't get the message?

I was using a plugin for 301 redirect and that was the issue. Had to contact the author and he told me hoe to fix it Smile
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Is you get 301 not followed error this is very serious and has to be investigated and fixed as soon as possible. Until then this will stop SEO juice flowing to your website.
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First check, which website is producing 301 No followed Error, Get the websites you redirected. Fix those redirection correctly.

Redirection affects SEO:
Redirection: Webpage A has been moved to Webpage B;
301 redirects indicates to the search engines that the webpage A has moved all its attributes like Domain authority, back-links, metric value, Page Rank, traffic to webpage B permanently.

Webpage B started losing its rankings, traffic, Moz rank and alexa rank, When the webpage A (Redirected page - 301 - Moved permanently) was not working fine enough.

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