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Off site SEO advice needed?

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begginer Offline referral

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Will my website get penalized if I generate backlinks from forums and blogs? I mean most of the links are nofollow only a few are dofollow one?
KevinMax Offline referral

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May-be, You should not have the nofollow backlinks count greater than the dofollow ones. If you're a brand Google doesn't care all those things! I mean you can have n number of redirects, classifieds, no follow links...etc.
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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nofollow tag pretty much makes the link useless for SEO so you can have as many as you can of those. However heaving too many dofollow backlinks from a singe site could be viewed as black hat SEO and result in some kind of penalty. Get 1 or 2 links from once website and move to the next.
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You can work on forums, blogs and even social media sites. They are an effective technique that can help increase the value of your website.

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